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In these days of dire need for climate action, it is especially uplifting that one of our alumni, Yael Shemer, 29, is experiencing major success with her startup, TULU, which the founders dub-an infrastructure for the circular economy

21 נובמבר 2022

In addition to two bachelor degrees from Tel Aviv University, Yael studied towards TAU's master's degree in environmental studies. Her startup is an in-building smart platform that provides tenants with on-demand access to appliances, grocery staples, micro-mobility devices, and much more, banking on a consumer shift from ownership to rental

And check this out: Yael's company has just topped up its Series A to $25 million, with new backing from Leonardo DiCaprio's Regeneration.VC

?How does Yael explain her success

Yael: "The foundations of my environmental activities were born at Tel Aviv University. The environment is a complex thing and solving the world's most pressing problems requires multidisciplinary thinking. That's exactly what I got from my studies at TAU. When innovating in climate and consumer behavior, having the framework and the understanding of the related social and scientific fields gave me an upper hand

In a ‘sustainable cities’ course that I followed, I learned that buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption and 33% of greenhouse gas emissions. That inspired me to find solutions to change these numbers. Solutions that can be integrated into people’s daily lives. I realized the built environment is the driving force of human development and that’s where innovation can grow. This made me start my first few initiatives which eventually made me start TULU with my co founder Yishai Lehavi [another TAU alumnus!]

"Today, I'm more inspired than ever to help advance technologies on mitigating climate change, circular economy and promoting responsible consumerism"
.Proud moment

Read about TULU, Yael's promising startup: https://bit.ly/3tgCqDd

Yael is one of our many prides – read more here about TAU's recent ranking, as 7th in World for Entrepreneurship: https://lnkd.in/dyytwJcx

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